What is No Kredit?

The No Kredit Center is a place, where you come to study, to learn, to experience – or to meet new people from your field or from other fields. Where you can contact, endeep your knowledge, share new informations or techniques, no matter how old are you where you came from or what kind of degrees you have.

We believe in the power of sharing, debating and joining a community. You can be only more, not less, if you are willing to teach and learn.

The place

We are waiting for you with two spaces, a 50 square-meters lecture-hall and a 10 square-meters lecture-room. The hall is comfortable for 55 people, and can be creatively furnished for the actual demands of the event or course, and it has a rotating projector, a sound and a light-system. Perfect for lectures, theatrical events and acoustic concerts.

The lecture-room can host 10 people comfortably for langauage-courses or events with a need of a more intimate space.