08 Már 2018

HfBC – How the Hungarian Media War Was Won


The free press has had a short and unhappy history in Eastern Europe. In the years before state socialism collapsed, dissidents began banging the drum of censorship-free media with such mettle that even some communists joined in.

Yet once these people transitioned from freedom fighters to rulers, some clearly began to wonder whether it was prudent to throw the press-control baby out with the communist bathwater. In Hungary, tensions between government and the news media came to a flashpoint in three well-defined “media wars” that tested journalists’ right to hold elected leaders to account.

Alex Kuli, journalist and former political analyst, will examine how Hungary’s media wars played out, evaluate their impact on political transparency, and explain why Prime Minister Viktor Orbán can declare a decisive victory over independent-media advocates as he heads into a general election on April 8.

After a roughly 1,5 hour session you are invited to talk, chat and network with each other, share your experinces, thoughts and feelings about the topic.

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