22 feb 2018

Hungary for Beginners – Borders, Boundaries, Nations


The idea of defended and controlled borders is relatively recent in human history. While on one hand Hungary has undertaken the weakening of borders through EU and Schengen Zone membership, it has on the other hand reinforced hard borders by, for example, building a 523 km fence along its southern border. However, borders are not only geographic. They also exist in terms of identity. For example, a border of sorts determines who is Hungarian and who is not.

On February 22nd we will take a critical look at the notion of borders and links to identity and national identity in particular. The focus will be on Hungary, although we will take other cases into consideration for the sake of comparison. The discussion will be led by Frank Zsigo, a professor of political science at Zsigmond Király University in Budapest.

After a roughly 1,5 hour session you are invited to talk, chat and network with each other, share your experinces, thoughts and feelings about the topic.

Come and join us!

Please don’t forget to register below – we have space for maximum 50 people.


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