08 feb 2018

Hungary for Beginners Club – Lyrics of Hungarian Hits


There is a bunch of pretty good Hungarian songs. And there are some with pretty neat lyrics too. And there are those songs that became anthems of generations. But, yeah – there is a lot less Hungarian lyrics translated into English than the other way around.

A nation’s culture says a lot about the nation itself – so if you want to get closer to understand your chosen home, come and join us in our next club event, where we will speak about great hungarian hits, about their lyrics, and about their cultural circumstances.

Be prepared for pop-cultural poetry, censorship-proof messages and a bit of cultural history.

After a roughly 1,5 hour session, you are invited to talk, chat and network with each other, share your experiences, thoughts and feelings about the topic.

Come and join us!

To attend the event, please register below – we have space for maximum 50 people.



  • Júlia Varga

    Júlia Varga

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