10 jan 2018

Hungary for Beginners Club – Politics


Communism, Consumerism and Cronyism: Probing the Roots of Hungary’s Problematic Political Culture

Modern Hungarian democracy poses something of a conundrum. The leadership’s stated desire to transform the nation into an “illiberal state” has drawn censure from international leaders, investors and activists concerned that civil liberties are being eroded. At the same time, the government enjoys overwhelming support among the very voters whose rights are allegedly under threat. How to explain this anomaly?

Alex Kuli, U.S.-Hungarian journalist and former political analyst, will examine the roots of Hungarian political culture, from the
totalitarians who crushed the 1956 Revolution to the collapse of communism in 1989 to the present day. This promises to be a compelling
lecture for anyone who wishes to gain a clearer picture of what makes Hungarian voters tick ahead of the 2018 elections.

After a roughly 1,5 hour session, you are invited to talk, chat and network with each other, share your experiences, thoughts and feelings about the topic.

Come and join us!

To attend the event, please register below – we have space for maximum 50 people.


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