08 nov 2017

Hungary for Beginners Club – History



Hungarian history is like a real-life Game of Thrones – OK, my old history book contained a lot less nudity and sex scenes, but enough blood, torture and tricks to reach a crown.
But don’t be afraid, we don’t offer you a typical history lesson with a lot of boring dates, facts and names, just an interesting and exciting insight to Hungarian history.

Our speaker, Kata Hidasi will speak about the following topics:

  • From where Hungarians come from, origins, language
  • Legends and myths of the origins of Hungarians
  • How could we become a European nation, St. István (Stephen)
  • Geopolitical situation of the country: how eclectic we are, also genetically
  • King Mátyás (Matthias) and the renaissance life here
  • Habsburg Empire
  • Golden age and Budapest became a Metropolis
  • WW 1. – Trianon
  • Red and White Terror
  • Conservative period and economical crises
  • circumstances that led us ending up in WW2.
  • Soviet troops and the Nazis

After a roughly 1,5 hour session you are invited to talk, chat and network with each other, share your experinces, thoughts and feelings about how your history connects to Hungarian history.

Come and join us!

Please don’t forget to registrate below – we have space for maximum 50 people.


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